Monday, October 1, 2012

Have an Awesome October! 1979 Hulk Calendar! Sal Buscema Strikes!

Back again, with more rarely-seen artwork from the far-famed 1979 INCREDIBLE HULK Marvel Comics calendar! This time, we zero in on October, with a fabulous re-creation of a mighty early-70s clash (check out the image for the 12th) between ol' Jade Jaws and the sensational Spider-Man himself! Re-interpretted by "our pal" Sal Buscema (with an assist from John Romita, Sr. and Dave Hunt), we get treated to a drawing that's full of action, drama, and deadly danger! Then, look below to glom the fabulous doings of that October month, with birthdays for Marvel mavens  such as Joe Sinnott and Larry Lieber (brother to some guy named Stan Lee)! Since this 1979 calendar lines up perfectly with the dates for 2012, print it and use it! Click here to see previous months! Click images below to enlarge!

BONUS! Look below to stare at the original Hulk vs Spidey battle, and the different interpretations of the dynamic dust-up, by John Romita (below, left), and John Byrne (below, right)!

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