Friday, October 19, 2012

FANTASTIC FOUR! CAPTAIN AMERICA! The Early 90s Marvel Movies You Never Saw!

Sure, we all flocked into theaters, lemming-like, these past few years to take in big-screen spectaculars based on all the Marvel cut-ups, like THOR, CAPTAIN AMERICA, and FANTASTIC FOUR, but didja know these were not the first such movies to be filmed as part of Marvel's madcap invasion of Hollywood? Dig this recent article, from the freaks at FILMFAX magazine! It spotlights the earlier attempts to bring the four-color characters to the movie houses, and how these less-than-fabulous efforts ended up on home video, bootlegs, or on the cutting room floor! It took years for Hollywood to be ready to take these properties seriously, and for the right people to fall into place, to make the recent well-done, big-budget movies happen! Truth to tell, most of these older films are not bad at all, if viewed as TV movies, but compared to today's overblown, multi-million dollar comic book films, they pale in comparison! Click to enrage!

I recall, at the 1993 San Diego Comic-Con, seeing the (very impressive) "Thing" suit (from the Corman FF film) on display!

BONUS! Look below to view the actual trailer to the 1994 FANTASTIC FOUR film!

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