Thursday, October 18, 2012

Dr. Strange--in the Tomb of Dracula?! 1980 Marvel Calendar Greatness! Gene Colan Strikes!

Back again with more incredible images from the hard-to-find Marvel Comics calendars! This time, we look into the rare-as-hen's-teeth 1980 DR. STRANGE compendium, to gaze lovingly upon a peerless pic by Gene Colan (with indelible inking by Tom Palmer)! Gene worked on both Doc's book and the famed TOMB OF DRACULA horror comic, and here he brings both mystic mages together! Dig that mood! The lighting! The drama! All as only Gene ("the Dean") could serve it up! Click to enlarge, and may the ever-vigilant visage of the Vishanti ever shine upon thee!

BONUS! Click below to see the incredible original art for the above image!

From the Jim Warden collection.

BONUS BONUS! Peer below to get an eye (of Agamotto?) full of the cover to this incomparable calendar, created by Dave Cockrum and Tom Palmer!

Marvel ventured into deals with book and calendar publishers in the late 70s, in order
to get the comics and characters even more into the public eye! Shoppers in malls
and bookstores could peruse these calendars, as well as deluxe reprint books, puzzle editions, and even
Marvel cookbooks, all made available in a bid toward higher Marvel visibility!

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