Tuesday, October 23, 2012

DC Comics' Jack Adler! His Many Innovations, Inventions, and Covers! Flash! Shazam!

It's a shame that so little coverage was given to the talented people who operated behind the scenes in comics, but every now and then, you'd get a glimpse "behind the curtain," from fanzines such as AMAZING WORLD OF DC COMICS! Here are some bits that focused on DC production maven, Jack Adler!  Jack used his interest in photography to create some great early-70s "photo covers" at DC, incorporating comic art and real photos for a memorable scene!  Click below to see how he re-imagined a rough cover idea for SHAZAM! #6 (design by Carmine Infantino), ending up with another attention-getting art/photo combo cover! 

BONUS! Click below to glom these awesome early-70s art/photo covers, made possible by Jack's innovations!

Yep! That's Jack (above, right) speaking with Sol Harrison! It was this issue of DC's in-house fanzine
that provided many of this post's art and articles! It even sports another incredible Adler photo cover!

BONUS BONUS! Dig this little article, covering how production guru Jack Adler not only brought exciting new coloring concepts to DC, but also was an inventor and accomplished photographer! Click below to enlarge!

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