Tuesday, October 9, 2012

BATMAN! The 1966 ABC-TV Series! Rare Articles, Pics, and Hits! DC Comics!

Here we go again with more rare pics and tidbits, all detailing the still-discussed and groundbreaking 1966 BATMAN TV series! I'll discuss each as we roll along, but to start, click below to enlarge this recent (but somewhat lightweight) article on the show, its stars, heroes and villains, and trivia, from the captivating CULT TV mag!  A nice introduction to the show for any newcomers!

Below: Rare shots from the 1966-1968 heyday of the BATMAN show!

Note the left side of this shot! You can see the stage,
cameras, and rigging at the edge of the Batcave set!

Ever notice that you never saw Batman unmask in front of
the camera, during the life of the show? Only in publicity shots like this one...

Doesn't look much like Adam and Burt in
those costumes, huh? Right! It's their fight doubles
and stuntmen, Victor Paul ("Robin"), and Hubie Kerns ("Batman")!

Take note of that Batmobile! It's the early just-from-the-factory custom job, before designer George Barris
added the super-gloss coating, and flaming red horizontal stripes and piping!

Here is Burt Ward, making a personal appearance
as "Robin" in the 80s!

Below: Let's get up-to-date with recent Boy Wonder doings! Burt Ward ("Robin") is now 
an activist for dog rescue, even creating his own line of pet foods!

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