Thursday, October 11, 2012

1979 John Buscema HULK Calendar Art! Pencils! Inks! Colors! Marvel Mirth!

It wasn't long ago that I featured this calendar page on this very blog (as seen here), but now you can feast your astonished eyes on the actual pencils (by "big" John Buscema) for this never-to-be-forgotten scene! John loved to draw barbarians over superheroes (hence his long stay on Marvel's CONAN book), so it's no surprise he was given this assignment of the Hulk battling Asgard's (home of Thor) finest warriors! It's rare to be able to study a piece of artwork from its start to published finish, so take it all in! Click to enlarge image!

Notice how the colors enhance the composition! The colorist wisely "batched" the
foreground warriors with one dark blue scheme, in order to place emphasis on the middle ground action!
He (or she) also set cool colors against the warm colors of the mid-area, creating even greater contrast!

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