Monday, September 24, 2012

The Monkees! In Paris! In the 70s! In Trouble! More Rare Pics! Davy Jones!

Back again with more MonkeeMania! Click below to enlarge these pics of the Monkees romping around Paris in 1967, as they film a well-regarded episode for the 2nd season of their Emmy-award winning TV show for NBC! Many of these images come from the British MONKEES MONTHLY magazine, and candid shots like these prove that the guys had real off-screen chemistry, even when the cameras were not filming!

BONUS! Click below to enlarge these images from the 1970s, as each Monkees member went solo!

Davy Jones in a fan-made snapshot, backstage at one of his solo shows in 1975!

From a 1976 CREEM magazine, it's hard to decide if the trying-hard-to-be-clever
writer really dug DJB&H, or not!  This article is indicative of feelings toward the Monkees
 in the 70s! Thanks to Scott Catton for this!

The punk rockers embraced the Monkees, and clubs such as CBGB's not only
welcomed Tork, but Davy and Micky,for their 70s shows, too!

Of course, Tork, along with the other Monkees, would bounce back in a huge way, as lucrative
reunion tours, albums, and other projects would keep the group in the spotlight from the mid-80s to the present!

ABOVE: Images of Micky Dolenz, in the late 70s, as he embarked on a solo career, after
his Monkees and "Dolenz, Jones, Boyce & Hart" years! MD looks odd trying to come off as a tennis-playing proto-yuppie!

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