Tuesday, September 25, 2012

The Gruesome and Ghoulish Green Goblin! All the Dastardly DYNAMITE Dope! 1975 Marvel Comics Mirth!

Let's look again at another encapsulated info sheet on another famed sinister super-foe, courtesy of a 1975 DYNAMITE magazine clipping! This time, it's Spider-Man's deadliest foe, the grinning Green Goblin! The lovable lunks at the magazine have picked an amazingly beautiful excerpt for the spread, coming from the second 1968 SPECTACULAR SPIDER-MAN magazine, and what an excerpt! The Goblin was the only foe to know Spidey's real identity, making him especially dangerous! Marvel writers knew the value of such a great baddie, bringing him back endless times in Spidey's books, even in the guise of the original GG's son! Click below to enlarge this fact-piece, and keep they webs untangled!

Makes ya wonder why more super-villains don't do what Gobby did, and just
follow the hero back to his home, thus learning his (or her) secret identity!

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