Monday, September 10, 2012

STAR TREK-THE MOTION PICTURE! 1979 Article and Extras! Kirk! Spock!

Celebrating the 1966 September premiere of STAR TREK on NBC-TV, we once again dial up those dandy darlings at DYNAMITE magazine, with this 1979 article on the long-awaited pic, STAR TREK-THE MOTION PICTURE! Get all the inside scoops on this stellar screen sensation that re-united the crew of the Enterprise for the first time after a decade! Remember how Leonard Nimoy ("Spock") almost didn't participate? Recall the controversy over adding more crew members like Decker and Ilia? Today's fans are used to a deluge of TREK shows, movies, websites and products, but in those days, with only reruns of the original show to tide trembling Trekkers over, this film was indeed an exciting event! Click below to enlarge images!

BONUS: Click below to enlarge this exciting 1976 TREK convention report, 
from the pages of the famed comics fanzine, ROCKET'S BLAST!

Does the convention description sound pretty dull to you? Keep in mind that this was not only the era before the internet, but also before home VCRs and such, so the showing of TV reruns on a large screen, and viewing slide shows of TREK art, were both activities you could only do at such shows and events!

BONUS BONUS! Recognize the art behind that con dealer in the 2nd-to-last 
pic above? It appeared on a 1967 TV GUIDE cover! Click below!

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