Sunday, September 9, 2012

Splendid 70s SPIDER-MAN Strips! Mysterio--the Winner?! 1978 Marvelmania!

Last time, we gazed in astonished awe as Spidey, during the shooting of a movie about the wondrous Web-Slinger, was almost done in by a Mysterio who was playing for real! This time, we watch the disappointed do-gooder deliver his best acting as he sends a misguided son back into his father's arms! Will Spidey ever find happiness in life or love? Will the world ever recognize him for the hero  he truly is? Will Stan Lee stop using terms (like "sit on it") that were already dated by the time this 1978 newspaper strip appeared? Click below to enlarge this senses-staggering sample of graphic greatness, from writer Stan Lee and artist John Romita, Sr., then catch your breath and blast on over here to take in the next colossal color installment!

Stan Lee tries to capture the times, with a mention of a "sandworm" from the then-new STAR WARS film!

BONUS: Click below for a sensational 70s pic of smilin' Stan Lee himself, as well as a few costumed convention carousers!

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