Tuesday, September 11, 2012

SPIDER-MAN # 143! Original 1975 Gil Kane Cover Art! The Cyclone Cometh! Marvel!

Yet another biggie from that prolific and productive penciller, Gil Kane! Here, we see the 1975 b/w original art for one of his most famous covers, that of AMAZING SPIDER-MAN #143! A deadly new villain, the Cyclone, comes a-gunnin' for the weary Web-Slinger, and Gil is up to top form, serving up action, drama, movement, and menace, all in one incredible illustration! This comes during a fondly-remembered period in Spidey history, when the Wall-Climber faced a cache of new foes, such as the Grizzly, the Jackal, Mindworm, Tarantula, and others! Click here to see even more of Gil's sensation scribbles, and click below to enlarge this image!

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