Sunday, September 16, 2012

Spectacular SPIDER-MAN 70s Strip! Special Guest--George Burns?! 1978 Marvel Mayhem!

Last time, we dried our tear-stained eyes as a disappointed Spidey saw his dreams of fame and adulation dashed, as a seething super-villain systematically wrecked the Hollywood movie the Web-Slinger was starring in! Now, upon his return home to neighborly New York, he deals with Aunt May and her unquenchable mania for George Burns (still a huge star then, with OH GOD! not long out of theaters), jolly J.J. Jameson (why doesn't Pete go to the competition and be done with that blustery blowhard?), and his ever-lackluster love-life. But, what new menace looms? Will Spidey's unifom be besmirched by the droppings of the plentiful pigeons? Will they clog the already crowded NY skyline? Or, do they portend something much more sinister? Click below to enlarge this installment, then web-sling over here to get the next full-color Sunday strip chapter!

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