Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Have a Super-Powered September with the HULK! Rare 1979 Herb Trimpe Marvel Calendar Art!

Since this famed 1979 Marvel HULK calendar runs concurrent with 2012's dates, I've been presenting the calendar pages for you to view, print, and use! This time around, it's sleepy September, complete with a little-seen image by the Hulk's main 70s scribbler, "happy" Herb Trimpe! Herb recalls ol' Greenskin's days as a warrior among a microscopic world's struggling peoples, where he became a jade-hued Conan-type swashbuckler! Not only that, but would ya believe the Hulk found an olive-skinned lover during his sojourn to said tiny terrain?! Plus--glom the pics and birthdays for such comics giants as Frank Robbins, Gene Colan, Steve Gerber, and so many more! Click here for past months, and click below to enlarge!

This is a rare example of Trimpe inking his own pencil work! I wish he had done it much more!

BONUS! Want to catch up with Herb Trimpe's latest doings, or get your own piece of one-of-a-kind comic art? Just click right here!

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Andrew Wahl said...


What a cool piece! I don't think I've ever seen this one before. Thanks for sharing.

I've never been a big fan of Trimpe's art, but his early Hulk work has been growing on me. Also, his Godzilla was a guilty pleasure!