Friday, September 21, 2012

An Un-Marvelous Evening With Stan Lee?! 1972 Marvel Comics Live Event Review! Spidey!

Most comics fans of a--ahem--certain age recall ads for the live "Marvel-ous Evening With Stan Lee" event, a spectacular happening hyped in all early-70s Marvel comic books! It was an intoxicating night of Stan Lee chatting up a live audience (which would hip him to the idea of delivering a steady stream of similar lecture-tours on myriad college campuses in the years to come), along with appearances from many Marvel staffers such as Herb Trimpe and John Romita, Sr., who spent part of the evening drawing up a storm via overhead projectors for their panicked and panting public! It was a once-in-a-lifetime Carnegie Hall event for any fan, but at least one Marvelite was not amused! Click below to read a ruinous review from the pages of the famed fanzine, MONSTER TIMES! Dry your disbelieving eyes, and click to enlarge!

It seems Marvel's only mis-step was to launch this epic event a bit too late for this long-in-the-tooth former-Marvel-fan reviewer!

Below: Click to enlarge this image of the original poster for the "Marvel-ous Evening with Stan Lee!"

Below: The original Marvel "Bullpen Bulletins" shout-out, hyping the event!

Below: The captivated crowd admires the poster for this awesome event!

Above: One of the many drawings created live
during the event! Here we see a cavortin' Cap
America, direct from the hand of John Romita, Sr.!

Below: A rare 1972 article about Marvel, the event, and producer Stephen Lemberg (who would go on to helm the Spider-Man ROCKOMIC record album), from NEW YORK SUNDAY NEWS! Thanks to BookSteve's Library for this one!

Below: Say it ain't so! Yet another poor review of this comics-saturated concert!

Big thanks to Steven Thompson for the above article!


Darci said...

I wonder who that "some other swain" was who Dean Latimer mentioned performed the narration while Herb Trimpe was sketching? Do you suppose it was Rascally Roy? If so, I hope got some consolation from Dean's praise of the Conan stories.

Al Bigley said...

Yeah, I've heard Roy and a few other writers came out for some recitations...

Thanks for the note!

Al Bigley

Steven Thompson said...

Why does it still sound like it would have been a fun evening to me? Pretentious and filled with self-agrandizing but purposely so. I dunno...

Thanks for the shout-out abpve, btw!