Monday, September 3, 2012

1975 "Inhuman" Gil Kane SPIDER-MAN Cover Rough! Bronze Age Biggie!

Was "gregarious" Gil Kane even human? He churned out a startling amount of comic book art for not only covers and interiors, but also a ton of dynamic cover roughs, used in the process of creating the finished product, whether for himself, or other artists! Below is one of Gil's many 70s cover designs for Marvel, this time for the front of AMAZING SPIDER-MAN #147! The terrifying Tarantula appears again (sans mustache?), and Spidey is on the short end of the deal, as usual! Note how the cover inker (John Romita, Sr.) decided to leave out certain city architecture, but kept the basic incredible composition and dynamics! Another great one by Kane! He even roughed out the concept for the next SPIDER-MAN issue! Click below to enlarge!

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