Saturday, September 29, 2012

1973 Saturday Morning Cartoons! One Frustrated Fan's Review! SUPER FRIENDS! STAR TREK!

From the manic maniacs at MONSTER TIMES, here is an interesting review of 1973 Saturday morning TV fare! In those pre-cable/VCR days, one could take in the entire 5-hour animation-fest without breaking a sweat (he musta had multiple sets plugged in), tho now it's hard to believe that kids and fans only got that brief weekly blast when it came to enjoying new animated shows and specials! I was 8 years old in 1973, and, as a long-standing superhero and comics fan, was looking forward to the debut of SUPER FRIENDS, only to be crushed by the weak stories, poor animation, and bland characterization (and 8-year olds are generally easy to please)! Meddling and self-appointed parental safety groups, such as ACT (Action for Children's Television), had stepped in by that time, demanding such shows cut out punching, violence, and anything considered even remotely exciting! Hence, the Justice League DC Comics superheroes simply hung out, talked, then rushed off to fight mostly environmental (it was 1973) menaces! Yawn. At least he gave big props to the famed STAR TREK series! What shows were your faves? Click to enlarge, time-travelers!

BONUS! From the same issue of MT, this clipping (below) takes another look at the STAR TREK animated series!

BONUS BONUS! Want to see the ultra rare 1973 ABC Saturday morning preview special, featuring a look at many of the above shows, and a live-action Superman and Batman? Just click below!

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Tony Nichols said...

Ha! Chuck Woolery as Superman! That was surprisingly entertaining...used to LOVE Burns and Shriver when I was a kid.

Love your blog...