Thursday, September 6, 2012

1971 Neal Adams JUSTICE LEAGUE Original Cover Art! Batman! Deadman! Green Arrow!

Another great one from Neal Adams! Here is the 1971 cover to the famous JUSTICE LEAGUE OF AMERICA #94! Neal was doing a bit less comic book interior artwork at this time, preferring to do more and more cover art! This was due to his new time-demanding role, as he stepped deeper into commercial art and storyboarding, leaving little time for comics storytelling! But, what great covers we fans got sent our way! Altho Neal was then gathering big attention for his interpretation of a back-to-the-night Batman (with writer Denny O'Neil), it was always a treat to see his version of other DC Universe characters, such as Green Arrow, Aquaman, and others! This particular issue even features a fan-fave character Neal was known for-Deadman! I recall buying this as a back-issue in the late 70s, as I had to collect anything that Neal touched back then! Click to enlarge!

Note the text indication to the letterer, in the lower right of the original art! Also take note that Green Arrow's left leg has been removed
from between Aquaman's legs! Was it considered too phallic? Maybe it was thought to be too confusing, with the other vertical candle shapes?!


Robby Reed said...

Hey Al--

Neal did a few interior pages in this issue also!

Al Bigley said...

Yup! Knew that, and ALMOST mentioned it...

It was a big surprise, upon purchasing this comic as a back issue around 1977, to see Neal had done a few interior pages, in addition to the cover!

Al Bigley