Saturday, September 22, 2012

1966 Aurora ROBIN Model Kit! "Comics Scenes" Greatness! DC Comics!

It's the Robin model kit! Here is my built-up and finished version of this well-known hobby toy! Originally issued in 1966 by the awesome Aurora plastics folks, the same cavortin' company that gave us the other well-crafted DC and Marvel figure kits, such as Batman, Hulk, and Captain America! The same kit was later re-issued as part of the mid-70s "Comic Scenes" line-up, but with an updated head sculpt, one that better reflected the "teen wonder" look of the junior hero of the 70s! Click below to enlarge each image!

I always dug how Robin's mask in the 70s was green (not black), so I used that color scheme here!

I also had fun painting the computer control board a solid reflective silver (with custom panel stickers), with a black-tiled lab floor!

I added gloss overcoat touches to Robin's hair, belt, and gloves, keeping all else a dull matte!

Despite years of nicely-made superhero statues, busts, and maquettes, nobody has topped
the 60s Aurora sculptors when it comes to action, anatomy, and drama in their kits!

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