Saturday, August 11, 2012

WONDER WOMAN! Recalling Lynda Carter and Ellie Wood Walker! WHO?! 70s DC Comics Live-Action Love!

Here is a great and (fairly) recent article from the fine FILMFAX folks! The fabulous mid-70s WONDER WOMAN TV movie and series are discussed, including details on the real-life origins of the character (including some odd details on her controversial creator) dangerous stunt work, shooting, guest stars (like Stella Stevens), costume (and era) switch-ups, and more! Who can forget the glamorous lead actress, Lynda Carter? But--didja know there was another live-action Amazon, about a decade before? True! Read about the aborted attempt by BATMAN producers to bring ol' WW to the small screen, presented in the same campy style the Caped Crusader was using in his weekly blast onto the nation's TV screens! Maybe it's a blessing this idea never got beyond the short pilot stage (and is now only seen on bootlegs circulated by fans)..Click images below to enlarge!

Didja know WONDER WOMAN has a further connection to the 1966 BATMAN TV show? Lyle ("Steve Trevor" Waggoner himself tested for the role of the Caped Crusader, before passing the cowl to Adam West!

BONUS! Click below to enlarge these candid fan pics, taken on the set of the WONDER WOMAN ABC TV show!

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Tony said...

You can also see the 1967 Wonder Woman pilot here:

And you're right. It isn't very good!