Monday, August 13, 2012

The HULK TV Show! 1978 CIRCUS Magazine Article and Pics! Bill Bixby: "Why Aren't You BATMAN?!"

Here is yet another rare and radiant article dealing with the ever-popular INCREDIBLE HULK '70s TV show! Culled from an unlikely source (CIRCUS magazine, a long-running rock journal), here is a frank and friendly talk with star Bill Bixby about the show's comic book origins (he and the producers weren't initially thrilled with that aspect), the end of the "camp TV superhero" (we've only maybe now reached that moment), and the then-unusual serious approach to the subject matter! And, lest you think this is the only time the cuddly copywriters from a rock journal dipped into the Marvel Universe, just click here, effendi! Click below to enlarge images!

I always thought that, if producer Kenny Johnson had only taken a closer look at the HULK comics, he would've seen that the comics themselves were done for folks who hated traditional superhero comic books! His "realistic" approach (only one or two fantasy elements are used, all else comes from the world as we know it) for the TV series was basically the same that Marvel took with their books and characters in print!

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