Friday, August 10, 2012

The DYNAMITE Doings of Dynamic Daredevil! 1974 Kid's Mag Article and Art! Marvel!

The fine folks at DYNAMITE magazine do it again! Dig this dandy 1974 feature on the ol' Man Without Fear himself, Daredevil! This article gives us some delightfully drawn (by Bill Everett) reproductions from the pages of 1964's DAREDEVIL #1 itself, in addition to some daring dissertations delving into DD's innermost secrets, too! Think this is the only time the dudes at DYNAMITE dug into the dazzling Daredevil dossier? Click here for their double-dipping dives into DD data! Click images below to enlarge!

This issue of DYNAMITE actually introduced me to Daredevil, as I only owned two issues (and maybe a MARVEL TEAM-UP with DD) of his mag at the time, and wanted to know more about him! Articles like this were very sought-after for the inside dope on the comics and the characters, creating instant playground cred for any kid possessing such valued knowledge!

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