Friday, August 24, 2012

The Dastardly DYNAMITE Doings of Dr. Doom! 1975 Kid's Mag Marvel Magic! Fantastic Four! Jack Kirby Art!

So, you think the editors of DYNAMITE magazine, those mavens of 70s kids mag magic, only talked about DC and Marvel Comics superheroes? Wrong! The energetic editors of the long-running mag also tackled the sinister super-villains who constantly vexed the dashing super-characters, too! Here is a 1975 feature, spilling the beans on ol' Dr. Doom! The excerpts they chose to run spotlight one of the greatest moments in the FANTASTIC FOUR comic book, where a de-powered FF join with Daredevil to battle Doom, and our heroes really seem to be on the ropes! It also represents Stan Lee and Jack Kirby at their zenith, when everything they produced at Marvel was sheer perfection! Click below to enlarge! Doomed if ya don't!

Wouldn't it have been interesting if Reed's weapon gave Doom unexpected powers in that 8th panel above?

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