Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Smashing Fan-Made INCREDIBLE HULK Model Kit! Lou Ferrigno! Marvel Comics!

Yep! It's the Hulk as portrayed by the incredible Lou Ferrigno, as seen on the late-70s CBS-TV show! This 13-inch tall fan-made resin garage kit was obtained from an eBay auction! Click below to enlarge pics!

The figure's head (tho quite well-sculpted as far as the likeness is concerned) 
was quite large, and needed some work on the hair to reduce overall 
head size in proportion to the body...

Using Super-Sculpy, I added to Hulk's arms, shoulders, and obliques (sides) 
to bulk up the somewhat puny body to better proportions!  

Painting included several different over and under-coats of green (lighter and darker shades 
to create highlights and shaded areas), as well as some pastel touches!  I also added to the thighs using 
Super-Sculpy modeling compound, to bulk up the thin legs. 

I used some "debris" from the Polar Lights Superman model kit (girders, brick sections) to disguise 
the over-long legs and feet, creating an "Aurora" diorama effect!

Below: The unbuilt, unmodified, and unpainted kit!

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