Wednesday, August 8, 2012

Have an Awesome August! 1979 HULK Calendar! Keith Pollard Art! Marvel Comics!

Here we go again, spotlighting another page of the hallowed HULK 1979 calendar (which matches 2012's dates exactly)! This time around, we've got a pulse-pounding panorama of all of ol' Greenskin's great and glorious goons, from the Sandman to the Abomination! How many can you name? This rarely seen piece was pencilled by "clobberin'" Keith Pollard, with indelible inks by "terrific" Tom Palmer! And, who knew August was jam-packed with so many comic luminaries celebrating birthdays? From Jack Kirby to Jim Mooney! Print and use for this month! Click here to see previous posts detailing this dandy Bronze Age treat! Click images below to enlarge!

I recall, when I had this calendar on my wall in '79, peeking ahead to this month, thinking how I would be
beginning high school during that 3rd week! Yikes!

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