Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Fabulous SPIDER-MAN Silver Age UK Pin-Up! The Super Foes! Ditko! Romita! Marvel!

From one of the boisterous British 70s reprint volumes, here comes this incredible collage of all of Spider-Man's greatest foes! Clipped from some sensational Silver Age Spidey stories, here are all of his dastardly no-goods, as drawn by "sturdy" Steve Ditko, Jack "king" Kirby, and "jazzy" John Romita, Sr.! Rhino! Doc Ock! Green Goblin! Sandman! Shocker ("Let me switch you on?!"), and all the rest! Click to enlarge!

BONUS! Click below to enlarge this fabulous fan-commissioned drawing (by John Romita, Sr., with inks by X-MEN's Terry Austin) of Spidey and his deadly detractors, done in the 90s!

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