Thursday, August 9, 2012

An Ageless SPIDER-MAN?! The Missing "J" in J.J.J.? 1969 Marvel Comics Mystery!

Dig this terrific 1969 letters page (remember them?) for SPIDER-MAN # 68! That first letter details the impact that superheroes would have on real-life news reporting! Then, scan that last merry missive! A feverish fan actually proffers the idea on how our favorite wonderful Web-Slinger might live a very long and healthy life! You can't say those original Marvel fans weren't creative or smart! What's funny is that, very soon afterwards, Marvel would adopt a new rule that stated that one year passes in the fictional Marvel Universe for every seven years of time in our "real" world (despite readers getting to see multiple holiday celebrations in that time period, as well as topical references, character birthdays, etc..)! This was a way to age these "realistic" characters a bit more slowly, yet still keep that "illusion of change" Marvel was then known for! And--what does the first "J" in J. Jonah Jameson's name stand for, anyway?! Click to enlarge!

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