Friday, August 31, 2012

1977 SPIDER-MAN TV Movie! Pics and Article! Nick Hammond Returns! Marvel!

Regular readers know how much we love actor Nick Hammond on this blog. Here is yet another rare and raucous 1977 British mag article that spotlights Nick and his unvarying involvement in a little project called THE AMAZING SPIDER-MAN, a well-regarded TV movie that lead to a semi-regular series! Before this current time of madcap multi-million dollar multi-plex mega-Marvel movies, their superheroes were tackling the TV tube during this pop-prospering period! The SPIDER-MAN TV film was the vanguard of a wave of live-action tele-flicks, including the HULK, DR. STRANGE, CAPTAIN AMERICA, and others that never made it to air (MS. MARVEL, anyone?)! Click below to enlarge!

Interesting to note the writer's contention that the Marvel TV films were in
competition with SUPERMAN-THE MOVIE, then wowing theatre-goers everywhere!


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