Saturday, July 7, 2012

Wonder Woman vs. The Duke! 1976 DYNAMITE MAGAZINE Article! Dick Dillin Art! DC Comics!

Another blast from comics' past in this 1976 DYNAMITE MAGAZINE focus on the Duke of Deception, Wonder Woman's fiendish foe! In this installment, the DYNAMITE gang takes a look at this super-villain, who had recently appeared in WW's own mag, all with dynamic Dick Dillin art! This was a truly rare treat, as Dillin was then the usual artist on DC's JUSTICE LEAGUE book, and to see him take on the Amazing Amazon in her solo title was something special! Note also the inclusion of fellow Justice Leaguer Green Arrow, who appeared in the strip as part of the "trials of Wonder Woman" storyline, as each super-team member monitored (without permission) her adventures to decide if she was worthy to re-join the famed team, after WW ( a long-time member) lost her powers for a short stretch! Not too sexist, huh? Ah, the mid-70s...Click to enlarge!

What's with the DYNAMITE editors coloring Wonder Woman's "invisible plane" green?! 
Was Green Lantern standing in the wings (heh), as the next male JLA member slated to 
spy--er--look in on WW?

BONUS! Look below to see some of the famed covers from the year-long "Trials of Wonder Woman" mid-70s storyline!

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