Monday, July 23, 2012

The Hulk! On The Psychiatrist's Couch?! 1978 Marvel Madness! PIZZAZZ!

Time for a bit of silly fun, from the pages of Marvel's all-ages 70s mag, PIZZAZZ! Here, writer Roger Stern (scripter on such titles as SPIDER-MAN and AVENGERS) steps into the role of Leonard "Doc" Samson (altho artist Marie Severin seems unfamiliar with that super-character) to delve into the Hulk's mind, motivations, and madness! How does it go? How do you think?! The Hulk ends up hilariously crushing tools, tape recorders, and all hope, as he muddles his way through ink blot tests, word associations, and question forms! A great article with terrific and funny Severin art? A winner! Click to enlarge!

Below: The first comics appearance of "Doc Samson," in his 1971 HULK comic debut!

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