Sunday, July 15, 2012

Super Sunday SPIDER-MAN 70s Daily Strips! Spidey Goes Hollywood! 1978 Marvel Mirth!

Look who's suddenly over his recent tragedy-tossed broken relationship! And why not? Spidey now has his once-broken heart set on a career in Hollywood (see the start of such musings here), as the star in a new SPIDER-MAN movie (oh, the more things change...)! He has all his ducks in a row, including merrily manipulating good ol' jolly J. Jonah Jameson (one of the greatest love/hate relationships in comics), getting to LA, and preparing for a possible new life as a superstar! Will the old "Parker bad luck" doom his efforts? What will possible celebrity status mean to his crime-fighting lifestyle? And, does our stalwart superhero really wear support hose? You may find the answers below, then in the next shattering installment! Click below to enlarge these fab 1978 comic strip masterpieces, Webbed Ones!

Once again, notice how writer Stan Lee shows Parker making truly tough 
decisions, based on wealth, fame, and personal responsibility, not the 
usual "I have to save the world" superhero orientation!

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