Sunday, July 8, 2012

Spectacular 70s SPIDER-MAN Sunday Strip! Spidey Goes Hollywood!? 1978 Marvel Movie!

Last time, we saw our worried Web-Slinger wonder if he would be cut out as the lofty lead in a new SPIDER-MAN movie (how timely is that?) filming in sunny California! After all, poor Peter Parker has just seen more horror and sadness than usual, and a trip into possible fame and fortune may be just what he needs, right? What could possibly go wrong? Yet another fabulous color 70s Sunday strip (one I missed while posting them the first time around) from writer Stan Lee and artist John Romita, Sr.! Click to enlarge!

Once again, Peter's life is complicated by his role as Spider-Man! 
A masterstroke provided by writer Stan Lee, who wondered
if having super-powers would be more of a burden than a boon!

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