Tuesday, July 17, 2012

The Return of the DC Comics SUPER-VILLAINS! Catwoman! Luthor! Joker! 1975 Magic!

From the very first 1975 DC "Super-Villains" oversized tabloid, here come the famed foes of the fabulous super-friends, finally in the featured spotlight! Learn all about their secret histories! Stare stupefied at terrific images of the freaky foes, as drawn by some of the greatest artist of the Silver and Bronze Ages of comics (just dig that groovy gigantic 2-page spread/poster of these colorful cut-ups below, drawn by Dick Giordano, complete with informative character key)! Amaze your fiends--er--friends with your inside knowledge of such characters as Captain Boomerang, Mr. Mind, and the Cheetah! What are you waiting for? Click all images below to enlarge!

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