Saturday, July 21, 2012

Play the "SUPERMAN GRAFFITI GAME!" Curt Swan! Neal Adams! 1974 DC Comics Fun!

Ah, the mid-70s days of DC Comics! For half a diminutive dollar, fans could buy "Super Spectacular" versions of many of their regular titles, getting not only new stories, but reprints from various decades, letters pages, puzzles, crosswords, and memorable special features, like this oddball 1974 "Superman Graffiti Game!" A bald, blank sketch of Superman was given to various well-known comics artists of the day, as they provided their own distinct "updates" and flourishes to the staid Man of Steel, with some hilarious and odd results! Look and see what such art greats like Neal Adams, Joe Kubert, and even Sergio Aragones, have done to good ol' Supes! Print out, and try your hand on that last panel! Click to enlarge!

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