Wednesday, July 18, 2012

MAD Magazine! A DYNAMITE Double-Shot of Alfred E. Neuman! 1975!

Wow! Here are two great articles, each spotlighting the ever-mirthful MAD magazine! Both are from the pages of dandy DYNAMITE magazine, and tell the story of the long-lived laugh mag, as well as that of the ubiquitous gap-toothed "idiot boy," Alfred E. Neuman! Alf's origins are still shrouded in murky mystery, his MAD mug dating back a century, but he's still one of the most recognizable faces around! Click each image below to enlarge! What? You worry?

As noted above, MAD was the vehicle that told kids to be suspicious of advertising, parents, teachers, and the whole adult world! They say kids today come with this distrust and sarcasm and healthy cynicism already built-in, and thus no longer need MAD, but...

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