Monday, July 2, 2012

FANTASTIC FOUR! 1972 John Buscema Original Cover Art! The Air-Walker!

POW! A terrific example of the greatness that was Marvel Comics in the bristlin' Bronze Age! Take in this gorgeous 1972 cover to FANTASTIC FOUR #120, by "Big" John Buscema! Dig that compelling composition! Note how the debuting villain (soon to be revealed as the latest in a long line of heralds to the world-destroying super-foe Galactus) is "framed" by the crowd, buildings, and the seemingly defeated Fantastic Four members, all directing your eye back to his imposing, evil-emanating figure! Heck, John even had some of the crowd actually point to him! Even with the characters placed in non-action oriented poses, you still get a real sense of danger and drama! Click image to enlarge!

Note the desperate doodle on the art above, imploring John to get this drawn and
handed in before the dreaded deadline!

FUN FACT! Didja know that a large (11 by 17 inch) glossy poster reproduction of this cover came with this issue (below) of SMASH magazine, in 1975? I had it! This mag was offered thru the ubiquitous Scholastic book club then, and I had to have a pal in another homeroom snag it for me (my teacher didn't subscribe), just to get that poster!

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