Saturday, July 14, 2012

1976 FANTASTIC FOUR Jack Kirby-Drawn Original Comic Art! Invaders!

Here's yet another brain-blasting cover from the bristlin' Bronze Age of comics greatness! Here is the cover art to 1976's FANTASTIC FOUR ANNUAL #11, by none other than Jack Kirby himself! Jack had just returned to immortal Marvel, after a memorable run over at competitor DC Comics, and he came back in swingin'! Jack refused to return to drawing the interiors of the Marvel books he was most famous for (expect for CAPTAIN AMERICA), but had no such reservations about creating captivatin' covers for the firm once known as the "House of Ideas!" Here we see the ever-fabulous FF, in mortal combat with those World War Two warriors, the Invaders, all courtesy of one of those ubiquitous time-travel plotlines so common to comics! Note the awesome amount of info Jack was able to cram into this illo, spotlighting not only the swashbucklin' superheroes, but the setting, time of day, and even the time period! Ink were supplied by Jack's long-time inker supreme, 'joltin'" Joe Sinnott! Click to enlarge!

I loved this annual as an 11-year old, since I was just coming around to becoming a regular FF and Invaders reader!

Below: Jack KIrby himself, working hard during the mid-60s "Marvel Age of Comics!" Note the original cover art to the famed FANTASTIC FOUR #54 in the background!

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