Thursday, June 7, 2012

Why STAR TREK Wouldn't Die! 1975 DYNAMITE Magazine Blast! Kirk! Spock! Fans!

Another blast from the past (and future)! Read the inside story about how that TV juggernaut, STAR TREK, just wouldn't go away, even after its initial cancellation! It was only the awesome efforts of organized comic, TREK, and fantasy fandom that kept the franchise alive and kicking, and you can read and see all about it in this 1975 article pulled from the pulsatin' pages of dandy DYNAMITE magazine! This feverish fan fervor kept the show in the public eye, paving the way for the film series, mucho merchandise, various later TV spin-offs, and so much more! But, never forget that it all began with real people and real fans! Click to enlarge!

It would take 4 years (from the publication of this article) for a STAR TREK movie to get to the silver screen, due to negotiations with the original actors, the labor-intensive pre-CGI special effects, and post-prodcution work!

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