Saturday, June 2, 2012

Watch Me Review INCREDIBLE HULK #1! 1962 Marvel Comics! The Jolly GRAY Giant?!

Back again with another life-affirming video treat! Watch as I maul and man-handle an actual 1962 copy of INCREDIBLE HULK #1! Stan Lee (ol' Greenskin's co-creator) has claimed that he originally ordered the mighty man-monster to be colored a grim gray, but that first issue suffered tons of botched coloring attempts, as the Hulk came out looking like a living rainbow, necessitating a sudden skin-tone change to his familiar green! How true was this claim? Was it really as bad as Stan has always said? Now, you get to see the startling answer for yourself! Click to play, True Believer!

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cerebus660 said...

A very interesting, and funny, look through a piece of comics history. It was fascinating to see the original issue and to realize that the Hulk's colouring wasn't all that bad, after all. Of course, Stan kept a tight rein over the early Marvels and obviously wanted to keep things consistent - even if he couldn't get Bruce Banner's name right from one issue to the next ;-)

Still, I'm glad he went with green in the end and gave us the Jade Giant we all know and love...

...what's that? He's RED now? Does Stan know?