Sunday, June 3, 2012

Super Special 70s SPIDER-MAN Daily Strips! The "Mad Bomber" Strikes Again! 1978 Marvel Magnificence!

Last time, our wondrous Wall-Crawler started to surreptitiously suspect his new gorgeous gal-pal of knowing more than she let on, when it came to the whereabouts and motivations of New York's newest foe, "the Mad Bomber!" Can Spidey come to grips that it may be his girlfriend's own father who's trying to kill those closest to him? Why is the Bomber doing this? Will this revelation rend an irreparable rift between Peter and his new, long-awaited love? And, is that Liz Allan (part of the early supporting cast in the SPIDER-MAN comic book) in that 5th strip from the top? More Marvel masterworks, from the daily SPIDER-MAN newspaper strip run from early 1978! Stan Lee and John Romita, Sr. do it again! Click here to see the next full-color strip installment in this bone-chilling epic! Click bellow to enlarge image!

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