Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Original John Buscema THOR Cover Art! DRAW COMICS THE MARVEL WAY! 1977 Bronze Age Goodness!

You've seen this pencil art between the hallowed and revered pages of HOW TO DRAW COMICS THE MARVEL WAY, but didja ever wonder what that daring drawing was used for? Wonder no more, feverish one. Here is the cover to 1977's THOR #259, by "Big" John Buscema! During the creation of the HOW TO DRAW book, this cover art woulda been laying around the burstin' Bullpen, and since John Buscema was the art instruction book's main super-scribbler, it was a natural to include it, in the chapter on figure and composition drawing! All of JB's trademarks are there: lively action, perfect figures, and exciting staging and execution! Click to enlarge!

Note the re-positioning of Volstagg, in order to make room for the villainous Gray Gargoyle!

Below, left: The actual drawing book within the above art made its first appearance! Below, right: Stan Lee and John Buscema themselves, the celebrated creators of said tome!

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