Monday, June 4, 2012

More MONKEES Madness! Davy Jones! Mike Hammer? Peter's Back? Charles Laufer?!

Here are more oddball Monkees pics, clippings, live concert shots, and articles, for the hardcore Monkeemaniac! Click to enlarge!

Micky Dolenz appeared as a competing detective on a 1987 MIKE HAMMER episode! Peter Tork recorded a kickin' re-make of STEPPIN' STONE and HIGHER AND HIGHER in 1981, for his "Peter's Back" single!

The Monkees reunite to record JUSTUS, as well as for a Rhino Records award presentation in 1996!

A fantastic BILLBOARD, VARIETY, and trade mag industry ad, congratulating songwriter Neil Diamond for his many Monkees contributions!

An obituary/article on Charles Laufer, the man behind the once-ubiquitous TIGER BEAT, the magazine "made" by the Monkees and Davy Jones!

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Don Hudson said...

That's a neat reunion photo of the band!