Thursday, June 7, 2012

Lois Lane and THE ADVENTURES OF SUPERMAN! Noel Neill Speaks! DC Comics!

From the panic-packed pages of a 1976 BANANAS magazine, here is the inside scoop on the filming of the 1950s TV classic, THE ADVENTURES OF SUPERMAN! Actress Noel Neill ("Lois Lane" on the show, natch) spills the beans on this still-fondly recalled series, detailing how the many episodes were filmed (including special effects and the times they went haywire), what kinda guy George Reeves ("Superman" himself) really was, and her then-current activities! Click below to enlarge this great article, which includes some terrific shots from the filming of the famed syndicated sensation!

It's great to know that both Noel Neill and Jack Larson ("Jimmy Olsen") are still alive and well today, and are happy to relate tales from their SUPERMAN days!

BONUS! Look below for an other shot of Superman giving that sweet little gal a lift, from the beloved season two episode, "Around the World with Superman!" It's been reported by actress Judy Nugent (the tyke in Superman's arms), that, after hours of filming, a tiring George Reeves would have to yell out for a crew member to take the not-so-light child from his arms, in order to give the Man of Steel a little rest between scenes!

BONUS BONUS! Below is a very rare autographed pic once owned by an extremely lucky fan! George Reeves signed very few pics of himself as Superman during his short life...

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