Saturday, June 30, 2012

Jolly Jade Giant July! 1979 HULK Calendar Returns! Ron Wilson Art!

Last month, I showed you how the immortal 1979 Marvel Comics HULK calendar lined up perfectly for the dates of 2012 (the Mayans may have foretold this, too), so get set for the joltin' July edition! What more could any fan ask for? Start with a terrific Hulk vs Thing illo by Ron Wilson and Pablo Marcos (Marcos would ink my pencil work years later for DC's THE FLY comic), then glom great and witty daily entries, featuring birthdays for such stalwarts as John Byrne, Tom Palmer, as well as late and lamented luminaries like Ernie Chan and Mike Esposito! I always loved how the calendars were meant for older, hard-core fans, with tidbits and info from the "inside," as well as facts from long-past (and maybe unobtainable) back issues! Click to enlarge, print, post, and re-live '79 all over again!


Simon Williams said...

Awesome! I loved Pablo's covers on the old Marvel UK MIGHTY WORLD OF MARVEL comics. His Hulk to me is second only to the great Sal Buscema's version :)
I've posted some on my blog if you want to check them out, Al.. hope all is good with you :)

Richard Guion said...

Nice Thing vs Hulk illustration! I didn't get that calendar originally, but I wish I had.

Al Bigley said...


Thank you!

Al Bigley