Friday, June 1, 2012

Have an INCREDIBLE (HULK) June! 1979 Mighty Marvel Calendar! John Buscema!

Wow! It's June 1st, and didja know that this year lines up perfectly with the dates for 1979? What better excuse to run the pulse-pounding images from the cataclysmic Mighty Marvel HULK calendar, most never seen or reprinted anywhere else! This month, we look at June (natch), and John Buscema's take on the Hulk's famous Silver Age slugfest with the warriors (and buddies of Thor) who populate Asgard! Dig that action! Take in that composition! Savor the colors! And, when you're done, print out that calendar portion, since you can use it all this month, too! Click all to enlarge!

This was the 2nd Marvel calendar I owned then, and I loved the pics of the actual creators, the jokes, and the inside facts on Marvel comic books! I also dug how these served as mini-histories of certain characters, stories, and books, as in the 70s, there was no assurance a fan would ever see some of those past tales! Remember--no MARVEL MASTERWORKS reprints, internet, or accessible comic book shops then!

BONUS! Below is the mind-melting cover art for this cool calendar, as drawn by John Romita, Sr., with incredible inks by Joe Sinnott!

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