Thursday, June 21, 2012

The Great, Goofy, Golden Age of WONDER WOMAN! All the Inside Info! DC Comics!

Dig this info sheet on that gorgeous amazing amazon herself, Wonder Woman! Gleaned from a 1974 issue of the ever-delightful DYNAMITE magazine, we get to see a bit of WW's strange early comics, complete with female domination, bondage, and oddball competitions! The super-heroine's creator, William Moulton Marston (who also created an early form of the lie detector device, or polygraph), had some interesting thoughts about females in service during wartime (WONDER WOMAN debuted in 1941), and those ideas included themes of slavery, freedom, and self-determination, all combining for one oddball comic from the Golden Age! Click below to enlarge!

The NEW ORIGINAL WONDER WOMAN TV movie, made about the time this magazine feature appeared, used the above Golden Age origin of Wonder Woman for its' basis, and stayed very faithful to it! The telepic starred, of course, the beautiful and talented Lynda Carter (below)!

BONUS! Look below for a pic of WONDER WOMAN creator William Marston, pictured with his lie detector device!

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