Friday, June 15, 2012

Enter The MARVEL UNIVERSE in 1978! Hulk! Captain America! Spidey!

I've always loved this terrific 1978 ad. It ran in the first color issue of THE HULK! magazine, an exciting affair in itself, as the slick-paper mag was packed to the rafters with not only a great comics tale, but pin-ups, articles, and even a prose story! But, this ad also points up all the things that made Marvel great at that time (which, not coincidentally, was, and is, my favorite period of comics, with me being 13 years old that year). Great art and stories. The characters experiencing more popularity than ever (due largely to the HULK and SPIDER-MAN live-action CBS TV shows), and easy-to-find (and afford) issues that any fan (of any age) could easily collect and enjoy. No stunts. No future value speculation. No desperate "jumping on points." Just darned great and memorable books, highlighted in a well-designed (and very mature) ad that screamed to the world what we hardcore fans already knew! Click to enlarge!

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