Wednesday, June 13, 2012

The DYNAMITE Facts on Spider-Man! 1974 Marvel Wall-Crawling Wonderment!

Again with the inside superhero scoops from those darlings at DYNAMITE magazine! This early 1974 issue throws a scintillating spotlight on the spectacular Spider-Man! Learn about his awe-inspiring origin, his colorful costume, his deadly and freakish foes, and more! Get an eyeful of his nicely re-colored 1962 origin tale (by Stan Lee and Steve Ditko, natch), direct from his very first comic book appearance, as you gaze upon how it all began for Spidey! Dig that original black-and-red (what does a spider have to do with blue?) costume color scheme! Click to enlarge, and keep thy webs untangled!

"Steel Head?" "Greenskins?" Well, the put-upon editors at DYNAMITE got most things 
right in this article, encapsulating the entire (then) 12 years of Spider-Man history!

Below: Stan Lee and Steve Ditko, creators of Spider-Man, and the above strip excerpt!

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