Friday, June 22, 2012

DAREDEVIL! 1973 Original Don Heck Comic Art! Black Widow Strikes Again!

Another block-bustin' blast from the bombastic Bronze Age past! Here is the unforgettable cover to DAREDEVIL #103, from 1973! Pencilled by "dashing'" Don Heck, who once again demonstrates his skills with anatomy and superhero action, as the buxom Black Widow makes the scene to help a down and dogged DD! And, let's not overlook the slick and powerful inks by "jazzy" John Romita, Sr., who only rarely inked his or other's work at Marvel! Sure, the super-foe Ramrod never went on to fame and celebrity as a top-ranked villain, but you want everything?! Click here to see another use of that famous image of Black Widow! Click image bellow to enlarge!

Note the John Romita, Sr. signature on that original art! What a treat for the lucky owner!

Below: An actual pic of Don Heck himself, circa 1968!

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