Thursday, June 14, 2012

Big Boffo BATMAN Blast! 1966 TV Show! Adam West! Burt Ward! Yvonne Craig!

Hot on the heels of the Earth-trembling news that the Bat-block has been brutally busted, and new merchandise featuring the famed 1966 BATMAN TV show is forthcoming at last (can an official DVD set be far behind?), here are more brain-blistering behind-the-scenes Bat-images, from the ABC cathode-ray juggernaut! The gang's all here! Click to enlarge!

Adam West ("Batman") and Burt Ward ("Robin") hit
their marks as they run through a
scene on the BatCave set!

On location while filming the
pilot episode!

With Yvonne Craig ("Batgirl")!

BONUS! An actual 1966 BATMAN article, detailing Bat-bachelor Adam West's swingin' life as a mid-60s super-star!

BONUS BONUS! Lest you think Bat-mania is something restricted only to the past, dig this recent pic from Adam West's 2012 "Walk of Fame" Star ceremony! George Barris, the designer of the TV Batmobile, was there!

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