Thursday, May 31, 2012

WONDER WOMAN! 1978 Rich Buckler Original Comic Art! DC Comics! Power Records!

Just for you! A gorgeous 1978 original art piece, one that spotlights the Amazing Amazon herself, Wonder Woman! This stunning action illo was pencilled by the versatile Rich Buckler, with slick and sexy inks by Dick Giordano! Created for the then-waning line of kid's "book-and-record" sets produced in the mid-to-late 70s (by the Peter Pan/Power Records folks), this bit of merch was also part of a wall-sized wave of wonderful Wonder Woman stuff that blanketed store shelves, due to her popular live-action CBS series! Don't be quick to dismiss these little audio treasures, tho, since many of DC's top talents wrote and drew many of the offerings, such as Elliot Maggin, Jose Garicia Lopez, Neal Adams, and Ross Andru! Click to enlarge!

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